Shania Twain vegetarian however not about to preachify

Shaina Twain

Shania Twain is an idol for vegetarians, so, while she & I were catching up, I told her I gave up meat last year. I still take fish for now, however I feel healthier than ever, she said; Good for you. That’s really magnificent. Shania, who starts a new run at Caesars Colosseum tomorrow, is a vegetarian who east’s cheese however not eggs. We revealed neither of us is a proselytizer. She said; it’s an individual thing. I would never preach vegetarianism. It is such a personal option. It’s got to suit you & be right for you: sensitively, spiritually & physically. If it is working for you, that’s really wonderful. Vegetarianism has surprising side advantages for us. For me, I no longer obtain acid reflux or stomachaches, & my eye circles are not as dark. For Shania Twain, she has the look of eternal loveliness. Some months ago, the readers of state weekly voted Shania, 48, the beautiful Woman of 2013. She said; “I absolutely believe there are several benefits. I know lots of people that have had cancer, for instance, and they will make a point of telling me, ‘The first thing my doctor said me to do was end eating meat throughout this process.


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