Thompson Square Meets Shania

Imagine a romantic Valentine in Las Vegas watching the show with Shania Twain “Still The One “ and thenThompson-Shania go backstage to meet the star. That’s what happened to the husband / wife duo Thompson Square last month. Shawna Thompson said Country Countdown USA Lon Helton :

” We were really out in Las Vegas we play a few shows , and we had a day off, so I talked to our manager to get tickets to see Shania and hooked up , and we went for Valentine’s night . . . . was very special because Keifer & I actually sang ‘From This Moment on’ at our wedding together it was very emotional we told Shania ” Keifer adds : “

we actually got to see her after the show, go to backstage and meet her. the show was amazing . ‘ll forget about all the songs I had. ” Shawna said , ” we did not realize we were going to meet up to half of the Valentine’s Day dinner . we received a text message from our manager . Keifer was acting strange , he would not tell me what was going on , he wanted to keep a surprise I kept hitting him and pushes him , and said: . .

‘Let’s get to know ” so I immediately got nervous , and it was a Real nice experience, we get to know her, and she was very sweet. “


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