Shania Twain Seeking Producers For New Album

Now in its second year of residency in Las Vegas, will be the first LP since 2002


After releasing their residence Caesars Palace last December with a series of sold-out dates, Shania Twain, best-selling female artist in country music of all time, returns to Las Vegas for another series of dates that kick off 15 October and will last until mid-December.

Taylor Swift Triumphs and Shania Twain Trips at CMT Awards

With the show enters its second year, Twain can turn their attention to their next album, the first since 2002 up! . Speaking to Rolling Stone in his lifelong home of Switzerland, the superstar says he has the most songs on the site for the next album and is preparing to find a producer and define the sound of the album.

How’s the album?

I’m almost there with my songs, and I ‘m really sitting on the fence when it comes to a producer. So I ‘m listening to a lot of records, do my homework there, and trying to determine who the perfect combination is.

Are people calling you as you listen to the records?

This is the last year, but I really have to be Lana Del Rey. I’ve been hearing that one a lot more and a bit stuck in the sound of that record. I love Raising Sand as well – Alison Krauss and Robert Plant. So it goes to show how I am lost as to production management, because I ‘m listening to such a broad spectrum. Both productions very appealing to me and the direction they took – trying to get ideas for myself.

Is there more internal pressure, as it has been so long?

Yes, of course. I want to be perfect, and I want it to be something I really like and a product of my inspiration – not necessarily a product of everything I’ve done before and no one I have ever been before in regard to making records , because it has been a while.

I ‘m different, I have evolved, and I want that to be reflected in the music. At the same time, I do not want to leave the root of who I am. So it’s really determining where and is really just looking through that. Not as obvious as it seems it should be.

What are the songs that have really jumped into view, and what they can tell us about the ones you have so far?

There are probably less upbeat songs. I would say more than half and half in comparison to what I’ve done in the past, where I’ve learned more towards the songs from their most uptempo.

I still want to remain positive with my lyrics and stay that way with my music, because I like bringing to myself, if you will, with my songs. But while I go deeper, and I’m being realistic with my view on things. It’s really a very personal journey to make a record, but even more to write songs. And you feel a little obsessed with them at this stage also,

I think, because until they get to a producer who is stills his, at this stage where I am now. So maybe let go it will be a little difficult, and I know that when I get involved with a producer who is sort of what will happen to a degree. Of course I’ll be very involved, but I guess I just have to go out and meet these producers face to face and talk through. I just have to get to the next stage.

Any chance you preview new material in Las Vegas?

I think it’s too soon. I could probably start doing that, but do not want to get caught in a performance mode with a song, either, until I took it a little further down the line. Just talking through, as we are doing now will not help. And that puts me in that mindset.

It’s probably the right time to start taking more seriously about entering the study, especially since I finished the series production time. The show took over a year to put together, so it was a production in itself, like making a record. Had to write the whole story.

literally wrote the show as a script, worked through production and had the technical aspect of it and finally delivered. So I’m just recently released into a production and just getting prepared to enter another, you should be checking.

Did excursions or performances that inspired the creation of this show in Las Vegas?

What we can do in this room that would not really be able to do anywhere else – certainly not tour with him, because the technology is so sophisticated that you cannot spend time with him.

So the joy of having the latest technology and drawing that was a big part of the thrill for me, and margins where I can go and take it only as wide compared to the tours.

So I wrote the show with all that in mind, knowing that I would have all this technology available – this large room, the acoustics and the giant stage and everything. So I almost shot more like a music video, or all of my most iconic images, and based from their music videos.

I wanted to take the most vivid, so I used that as the influence with regard to fashion and the appearance of things. I want to be familiar to people as well. I want you to remember, but I wanted them to see things in a fresh and contemporary way.



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